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Established in the early 90’s DANCE1 (then known as Gordon Ballet & Dance), began as a small dance school of roughly 50 students situated in the quiet back streets of Sydney’s North Shore.

In 2000, the studio’s then principal recognised the need to bring the dance school into the millennium and set about combining the GBDA philosophies with a fresh and funky personality. The result was DANCE1, a dance studio that strives to give all students equal opportunity.


Even after 26 years of dance education, our values have remained consistent. Regardless of ability, all dancers deserve to smile when they dance, a professional performance experience and a nurturing community which encourages a passion for dance.


DANCE1 is more than a dance studio, we are a ‘family’ guided by our current principal Miss Kirsty, who inherited the school from her dance teacher & mentor.

Along with Miss Kirsty and her team of dedicated staff, it is those principles and philosophies that continue to form the foundation for DANCE1. Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2022, we have plans & hopes to educate and nurture the DANCE1 ballerinas and break dancers for many years to come. 




At DANCE1 we want our students to feel the BUZZ &

experience the SPARKLE of dance. 


But it’s not just about the dancing. At the heart of DANCE1 we are committed to ‘creating good humans’.


We are responsible for our students’ hearts, minds & bodies.

At DANCE1 we believe it is important to provide our students with a positive environment to nurture their self esteem and grow their confidence.

We believe that too much competition can erode your child’s love of dance. At DANCE1 dancing is not about the size of trophies, it’s about achieving your individual best – striving for your point of excellence.

At DANCE1 we want all our students to have their moment in the spotlight. We strive to make every dance experience a positive one and we do! The bright eyes and confident big smiles after our lessons speak for themselves.

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