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Classes at DANCE1 don't end with our school-aged dancers... we continue the points & pliés with our Grads & Adults! DANCE1 'Graduates' are those who we simply can’t leave once they have left school. DANCE1 'Adults' are the Mums, Dads & anyone excited to give dancing a go!


Adult Jazz

An energetic, up beat & bouncy dance style - Jazz is HEAPS of fun! Classes are structured to incorporate limbering, strength work, choreography & skill building. This class moves at a comfortable pace for all dancers and all moves can be modified to challenge those more experienced dancers or simplified for those starting from scratch.


Our timetable offers Adult Jazz on Friday mornings.


Adult Tap

Another popular class here at DANCE1. These classes are open to those Adults who have always wanted to be the next ‘Tap Dog’ performer! We shuffle, stomp & “Shirley Temple” our way through the basics of Tap dancing with new skills & repetition of steps. We welcome all abilities & no experience is necessary.


Tap shoes are recommended but not compulsory with classes offered on Wednesday evenings & Friday mornings.


 For those young adults who can’t get enough dance! Our Grad class was formed in 2011 for the DANCE1 students who just didn’t want to leave their DANCE1 family. Most of our Grad performers are graduated DANCE1 dancers & staff members who still love to perform (with regular cameos at the concerts). This class is open to young adults with previous dance experience. 

GradBlast incorporates all the D1 favourite styles of Jazz, Broadway, Modern & Contemporary. Studying a different genre each week, classes will also incorporate strength & conditioning, flexibility & extensive choreographic elements. PLEASE NOTE: GradBlast classes are aimed at the more 'experienced dancer', moving at a faster pace than our Adult classes.


OPTIONAL: Concert Participation

While not the main focus of our Adult & Grad classes, who doesn't LOVE performing on stage?! The lights, atmosphere & sequins are certainly a goal for us to achieve together. When considering concert participation, we ask that all Adults & Grads respect the participation choice of all - whether their goal in class is to master a 'Shirley Temple' OR build their confidence to perform on stage with their class.

Each year we give Adults & Grads the opportunity to perform in our End of Year shows. Regular classes are NOT be affected by concert participation & those wishing to participate ONLY in weekly classes will still be able to leap & shuffle each week.

Concert work begins in Term 3 in line with our late-October concert dates. 

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