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DANCE1 offers a wide variety of classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Preschool classes

3 years & above

Music and movement programme specifically designed for Preschool children involving both Ballet and Jazz dance steps, introduction to technique and a whole lot of singing along!!! 

Preschool Program
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Year 4 & above

Without a doubt, our MOST POPULAR class!! A 1½ hour class combining Jazz, Broadway & Modern styles, DanceBlast is a great way to add diversity to your dance repertoire. Our ADVANCED classes include a Contemporary component & require enrolment in a Technique class.



Preschool & above             

All students at DANCE1 must take a jazz class. An energetic, up beat  and bouncy dance style - Jazz is heaps of fun!!! Classes are structured to incorporate limbering, strength work,  choreography and skill building.


Broadway Jazz

Year 4 & above

This style of jazz is only offered in our Dance Blast classes. Think Broadway musicals, big stage numbers, high performance and lots of character.

Adult Jazz

These  classes  are  offered  to  those  who  have  always  wanted  to  perform  a  triple  pirouette, 

leap  across  the  floor  &  nail  that  high  kick.  No  experience  is  necessary.  We  welcome 

everyone  &  all  abilities  are  catered  for  -  whether  you're  a  first  timer  or  a  seasoned  performer.   



Kindy & above

An expressive form of dance that offers an expansive range of movements and themes. Based loosely on the fundamentals and technique of Classical Ballet, Modern dance develops fluidity, grace, poise and expression. Our ADVANCED DanceBlast classes have a strong Contemporary component.



Year 7 & above

An artistic and inspirational style of dance drawing elements from both ballet and modern to form a completely unique and beautiful genre. Lots of contract/release, fall and recovery work as well as unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and intent.


At DANCE1 Contemporary is looked at in ADVANCED DanceBlast classes only and requires enrolment in a Technique class.

Tap Dancing

Preschool & above

A very popular form of dance and great exercise! Lots of rhythm, beat and sound exploration. Older tap students study a variety of different Tap genres including Hoofing, Broadway, Traditional and of course a more commercial, current style to keep us up to date.

Adult Tap

These classes are open to those who have always wanted to be the next ‘Tap Dog’ performer! These classes will work on the basics of Tap dancing with all abilities catered for. No experience necessary.

Adult Classes

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Hip Hop & Urban

Preschool & above    

A mix of Hip Hop, Funk and Street. Bust a move like they do in your favourite music video or pretend you’re on stage with your favourite singer. All the latest moves from Preschool (Tiny Crew) and up – age appropriate music & choreography ALWAYS used.



Year 4 & above

Combining Classical Ballet, Yoga & Pilates, this class works primarily on technique, flexibility, stability and extension work. For those who love their barre, centre & corner work. Students who participate in DanceBlast + Technique + one other dance style will be eligible to participate in our

end of year concert’s OPENING NUMBER!!


ACRO for Dance (ADTA Syllabus)

Kindy & above

A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Acro for Dance is an especially challenging dance genre requiring strong technical training in both the dance and Acro fields & while it shares some ‘tricks’ with Gymnastics , its technique is much more ‘dance’ specific. Acro students in Year 7 & over will also focus on aspects of Conditioning,  stretching and strengthening to help them master the foundations needed for the Acrobatic tricks.


Private Lessons

Available to all students in any style of dance.