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DANCE1's Student Teacher Training Program that helps us create 'good humans'


DANCE1 is proud to be an Affiliate Partner Studio of Dance Studio Success’ DanceStep Program, an exciting & valuable Student Teacher Program. DANCE1 implemented this program in 2018 & we continue to offer this amazing training to our Intermediate & Senior students in Year 7 and above. 


The fundamental aim of DanceStep is to provide a progressive and formalised process to assist students in becoming leaders within their studio, building on the philosophy that dance students learn best when surrounded by their community. In addition to this, DanceStep empowers students to take care of others, guiding them to be class leaders & role models. Most importantly, it fosters a sense of community & family amongst our students, something we strongly value at DANCE1. 



What is the DanceStep Program? 


The DanceStep Program is a Student Teacher Education Program created & designed by Dance Studio Success Founder and Industry Leader, Jane Grech. The Program is a 6 Level program, covering assistant teaching skills such as behavior management, learning needs/styles in the classroom, anatomy and health. Whether considering a career in dance teaching OR another profession, DanceStep is a great preparation for many aspects of life. The skills learnt in the studio environment are transferrable across all areas of life. 


In fact, the modules of DanceStep contribute to a Certificate III qualification, which can be useful towards any career and proves appropriate evidence for Duke of Ed, CVs and other school documentations.   

We think DanceStep Founder, Jane Grech highlights the aim of the DanceStep Program best through the DanceStep vision: 

Growing Leaders

Empowering Students

'Students learn to be part of a team and a community, to be resilient and tenacious, to enjoy the rewards of delayed gratification and many other important life skills.


For many, the dance studio becomes a second home where students feel safe, nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. '


DanceStep Applications open in January each year via the DANCE1 Office. Each student will submit an application which will be considered via the DANCE1 Admin Team. 

Successful applicants are notified at the end of January. 

To find out more about the DanceStep Program for 2024, contact us below. 

Now we've introduced you to the DANCE1 team, we would love to meet you and share our wonderful school with you. Click on the Enrol Today button to start your dance journey with DANCE1.
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