There is nothing quite like being on stage. The thrill and buzz of performing on stage is second to none and is something our dancers look forward to all year.

At DANCE1 we believe that our dancers deserve every dazzling light, every dramatic effect and every sparkling costume that we can give them. It is what sets us apart.

At the end of each year we have a themed, professional concert production to showcase our dancers. In 2018 we lifted the lid of the Toy Box & watched our favourite play things ‘Come Alive’ & in 2019 we saw what ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ await us when we close our eyes. Who knows what the 2020 concert will bring?

The DANCE1 end of year performances are a culmination of a years worth of hard work by our students and our teachers and we believe it should be as fabulous as possible! From the moment our concerts begin the audience will be swept away by the colour, vitality, the energy and the enthusiasm – not to mention the smiles!  Pyrotechnics light up the stage. Professional lighting illuminates our dancers. The sequins and sparkles on our incredible costumes make our dancers shine. The music weaves in and out, seamlessly drawing the audience in.

Anyone who has seen the DANCE1 concerts will know just how fabulous they are! Check out some backstage footage from our 2019 concert of ‘Good Night’.

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