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I can & I am

Welcome to DANCE1

Welcome to DANCE1, Sydney North Shore's leading dance studio.

We believe in equal opportunity and a passion for dance.

We provide our students with a professional performance experience and, most importantly, we GUARANTEE smiles and laughter.

DANCE1 is a dance studio that strives to give all students equal opportunity.
We aim to nurture a passion for dance, promise to provide a professional performance experience and we GUARANTEE smiles and laughter.

These are the principles and philosophies that continue to form the foundation
for DANCE1.

Over the past 20 years DANCE1 has become a multi-faceted studio, offering students of all ages a wide variety of classes across all dance genres including:

  • Preschool Classes 

  • Jazz 

  • DanceBlast 

  • Broadway

  • Modern 

  • Contemporary

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop 

  • Technique 

  • ACRO (ADTA Syllabus) 

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