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Introducing...'Behind the Barre'!

We regularly share our sparkle with our DANCE1 families, but now it's time to share our knowledge, suggestions and advice

with the wider dance community.

At DANCE1 we want our students to feel the buzz and experience the sparkle of loving dance. But it's not just about the dancing. At the heart of DANCE1, we are committed to creating 'good humans'.

What better way to educate and inspire than to create our own DANCE1 blog called, 'Behind the Barre'.

Each week we are excited to share our passion for dance, create meaningful connections with community and divulge some of our tips & tricks. We hope 'Behind the Barre' provides our families, our readers and other dance enthusiasts with valuable resources & insights.

Give us a follow here, and via our social media pages and keep up to date as we go 'Behind the Barre'!

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