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Introducing DANCE1's brand new Preschool Dance Program that will see your child leaving every class with a smile. Let them shine and sparkle each week in TinyBlast!   

Based on the DANCE1 five core values, our Preschool Program has been designed specifically for children from 2.5 - 6 years of age to introduce them to the world of dance in a fun, friendly and fascinating way.

Each week your child will:

  •  Learn gross motor skills necessary to execute new dance steps - think hops, jumps, skips and springs!


  • Explore & discover the endless possibilities of dance - move like the animals, stand tall like a ballerina, float in space and march like a soldier! 


  • Count, sing and build on their musicality with special exercises designed to hear the beat and clap in time.


  • Socialise with their peers and interact through teamwork, taking turns and supporting each other. 

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